Choose A Good Feeling Instead

img461Hi, I’m Elizabeth Hendry, author of Choose a Good Feeling Instead, The Pathway to Peace Do It Yourself Travel Kit (a quick start guide to self therapy) and Transform Your Relationships Now.

Most  people seem to think its shameful even to think that they might ask for help with their unhealthy coping strategies.  This seems to me to be a pity.   There doesn’t seem to be any problem attached to asking the doctor for help with physical problems, for which he has had a sort of training, or for emotional problems, for which he has had next to no training.  As with everything else, he will give you a pill.

I wrote Choose a Good Feeling as a gentle introduction to some of the ideas that have helped my therapy clients over the past thirty years or so, to transform every aspect of  their lives and so that you and your family and friends might begin to get some insight into those processes that are simmering away underneath surface behaviours.  This, in turn, should, at least, lead to changes in those habits that you wish you could change, but haven’t been able to, so far.

This, second edition of the book was published some years ago and I have had lots of good feedback about it.

“I found this short self-help book to be refreshingly simple whilst tackling and offering help on some complex but common ‘life’ issues. I would guess that the majority of people out there can relate to personal problems covered in the book and help is offered in overcoming them.
This type of book is often complicated and off-putting but I found this to be the opposite.
In short, I find the advice helpful in everyday life and I would like to wholeheartedly recommend a read.”
Amazon Review


“I keep my copy on my bedside table and read it every night.  I always find something new to work on.”
Mary T.

If you would like to listen to the Introduction to the book, click on the start button in the player below.  It’s just under 3 minutes.

"I’m delighted to say that I receivedChoose a Good Feeling Insteadthis morning and have read it.  Started and couldn’t stop!  Loved it.
Found it:

  • an eye opener
  • made me look at my own behaviour (though haven’t figured out which driver I am, seem to be a bit of all of them)!
  • it was amusing – loved the ‘could trigger unexpected responses that could even end up with someone suffering tissue damage’ lol!
  • the part in section 8 stood out too re control at every level, schools, communities, boardroom, families, government
  • and of course the balls of balance
  • Excited about reading the next one!
    Joyce B

I recommend that you read it through once, which will probably take you about half an hour.  Then go back to the beginning and re-read the first section.  Watch for the Try Hard behaviours in your family, friends and work colleagues and start imagining how you might change your responses, to get more constructive outcomes.  As you become more and more aware of the process, you will begin to notice when you slip into it, and manage to avoid it.  Of course, it helps if you can go further and clear the issues, using my self healing method, which is offered as a free bonus with my third book,

Transform Your (Family, Social and Work Place) Relationships Now

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