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  • Chapter 8 - I Knew You Were Going to Say That
    Chapter 8 - I Knew You Were Going to Say That

    In order to transform your relationships, you need to understand the Psychological Games process. These repetitive interactions always start with one person undervaluing some aspect of himself or another and always end with both participants having an unhealthy feeling.
    Becoming aware of them enables you to resist being drawn in to them and find alternative ways of dealing with the situation. Using the Travel Kit to clear them makes bringing them into awareness quicker and easier.



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Your book chapters will be released weekly.  This is to give you time to work on the chapters you already have and to clear the issues that you identify, using the Travel Kit.
Chapter One is already open, as is Chapter Two.  Chapter Three will open for you in one week.
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Over the next few weeks, I shall be adding additional blog articles that you can use for seeking out issues and there will be new exclusive material in this area.
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