This book started life as five, five minute talks on Radio Bedford and grew.  Each section will only take you a few minutes to read.  I recommend that, even if you want to read it straight through to start with, you go back, read only one section a week, and use the information in you everyday life.

People tell me that they keep it on their bedside table and read it regularly, even years after they bought it.  I have even sold copies to replace ones that had worn out.

In this book, you will discover some of the basic information that you need to begin to recognize and understand the ways that our childhood experiences and still affecting the ways we act now.

Knowing how to identify your own and other people's coping strategies will enable you to adapt your behaviour to meet these situations most effectively.

The second edition sold out and I prepared an audio version with added material. It will be uploaded and available within the next few days.

Second hand copies of this book are being advertised on Amazon at prices between £25 and £ 109


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