The Secret Facebook Group

As you progress through Transform Your Relationships Now and the Travel Kit, you will most likely appreciate help and support from other people, who understand what you are going through.  Our Facebook Group will give you this.

This is a secret group, so no-one, except owners of Transform Your Relationships Now will be able even to find out about it.

You will be able to ask me questions, which I will usually answer within twelve hours.  As the group grows, there will be more trained administrators to speed up the answering process.

In addition, you will have the support of other readers, who will have fresh ideas and and other experiences to share.

After publication, membership will be free for three months, then charged at £3 per month.  As a pre-publication owner, you will have a free lifetime membership.

As soon as you complete the transaction, you will receive an e mail containing the information you need to join the Group.

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