The Power Ball Exercise

Changes your perception of any situation

Of course, you may not have problems with confidence.

  • You may have been abused, whether sexually, physically or emotionally, when you were a child and still be suffering from the decisions that you made at that time, about how to cope with the situation.
  • You may be wondering if you should remain in the relationship with your spouse or partner.
  • You may actually be in the process of splitting up.
  • You may be finding the children difficult to cope with.
  • Perhaps you are having personality clashes with someone at work.

One of the major factors in all these situations is that one person is expecting to manipulate the power of the other.  (I talk about this in the book)  When this happens both participants' perceptions are unrealistic.  They are usually both flipping into a state of mind from childhood - the There and Then.
The Power Ball Exercise brings you out of the past and helps you to function in the here and now.  This gives you a realistic view of whatever is happening, brings you out of the coping strategy and permits you to respond in a different way from that which the other person is expecting.
Whatever the relationship issue you need to resolve, you can start with the Power Ball Exercise.  Once you are in the here and now, you will be able to handle the situation more effectively than you have before. 

It only takes a few minutes to learn how to do it and practise it in your imagination then you will be able to use it whenever you find yourself in one of those horrible situations where you are responding without thinking and want to change it.

Here's what Robert said about it.  "

I liked your brief meditation on Personal Power and the power ball.  If that is indicative of your book, I suspect I will like it as well."

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