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Although you will have the books and the Travel Kit to help you transform your relationships, you will, undoubtedly, at one point, need the help of someone else to enable  you to identify the issue that is bugging you.

You will have the Facebook Group to help you and there will be additional content in the Book Club, and for the really difficult ones, you will have the option of making an appointment to call me on Skype to talk through the problem.  Or, you might want some insights into a situation that you are having difficulty with.

Whatever the problem, you will have one hour of my undivided attention.

At the moment, I am not sure how this will affect me in planning my time, so I am only offering this bonus to the first twenty-five people who buy the book.  If this number does not cause me a problem, I may increase the number to fifty... or I may not.

If you were to pay for this, it would be £97

I imagine that you are thinking that this is probably too good to be true and wondering why I should be offering this to you.  It will only be available to the first 20 people to order the book and I will be getting something out of it too.  I need to know if there is anything that I could put into either of the books that would make it easier for readers.  Is there an exercise that is not well explained, or that could be added to make the Travel Kit better?


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