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The Pathway to Peace, Do It Yourself, Travel Kit

When you decide that you need and have to do something about improving your life, you are fces with some serious decisions:-

  1.   Counsellor or therapist?
  2.   Which therapy?
  3.   Which therapist/counsellor
  4.   How much can you afford?
  5.   How long will it take to get there?
  6.   Can you fit in the time?
  7.   And so on

Perhaps you have not even yet arrived at seeing a need for consulting a therapist.  After all, there are thousands of books on the market that could help you to understand and sort out your relationships.

The trouble is that, for all the help you can get in understanding the processes, you are still stuck with those unhelpful coping strategies that are getting in the way of achieving any healthy progress.  However much you change, you will continue to stitch yourself up because those old habits will keep popping up.

Transform Your Relationships Now will take you a long way in understanding and you may find that digging up the origins of your current behaviours may help.  The reality is that, until you have completely removed the issues, you will continue to fall back into old unhelpful behaviours

The Pathway to Peace Do It Yoursefl Travel Kit is a simple, yet powerful, tool.  An e book, it is a step be step guide to getting rid of your relationship difficulties.  It takes you through setting up my exclusive method of clearing your issues and shows you how to find the issues you need to clear.

The first exercises are simple and take little time.  As you build your skills, they will take more time and effort.  By the time you have finished all the exercises, you will be able to clear any issue.

When you have finished the course, you will need to continue identifying and clearing the coping strategies that are getting in the way of your developing open and rewarding relationships.  This is where you will have support from the Facebook Group, the Book Club and, if you are one of the first book buyers, your Skype time with me.

When I was writing the book, I thought that it offered about thirty hours of therapy.  The people who worked through it for me estimated that it was, in fact more than sixty ours.

If you calculate the cost of sixty hours working with me, then it is worth £5,820 and you also save the time and cost of traveling to meet me.

The first twenty people to invest in Transform Your Relationships Now will have this as a bonus.  I only ask you to let me know how you get on with it.

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